Our team is composed of highly-skilled professionals specialized in Data collection, Validation, screening, analysis and interpretation of Results.

Datastat  provides comprehensive service and consultancy for students working on a dissertation involving any kind of research. This includes a variety of disciplines such as MBA, psychology, sociology, education, leadership, social work, anthropology, political science, and criminal justice. We provide hands-on support for all stages of the research process. We also provide research support for government, non-profit and community-based organizations.

All Datastat consultants and coaches have  extensive experience in research design, data analysis, and editing. Furthermore, our consultants have worked with students in academic settings and have expertise in specific content areas. Datastat has coached over 300 students to date and we have over 8 years of academic research experience.

If you are searching for peace of mind, reassurance, and a high level of research-related knowledge and expertise, contact Datastat now. We will connect with your personal consultant who will work with you through the duration of your dissertation. Datastat will provide you with the dissertation service you need at any stage of the process.