Research & Publishing Projects

Under this segment, we cover research projects mainly in education and social sciences. We support our clients in:
Ø Identification of research topic,
Ø Proposal development,
Ø Designing of data collection instruments,
Ø Collection of related literature resources,
Ø Data collection,
Ø Data coding,
Ø Data analysis and
Ø Report editing and compilation.

Datastat Research Associates assist customers by developing projects that meet customers' unique needs. We accommodate both quantitative and qualitative studies. We support quite extended range of customers from colleges, universities and organizations.

Publishing Solutions

We at Datastat are committed to sharing knowledge with every member of society through offering affordable publishing solutions. Datastat is open to every person who has a product worthy of dissemination. We are highly convinced that the book's intrinsic value to the community should be the main selection criterion. Scholars and writers should no longer depend on the whims of publishers, but can take a proactive role in the publication of their works through an interactive process with Datastat. The organization has a place for authors and writers of all categories - from amateurs to seasoned scholars.

Datastat is engaged in publishing undergraduate and postgraduate research projects, theses and dissertations), educational and religious materials. The manuscript which are considered for publishing are reviewed. An Editorial Board, consisting of distinguished practioners ensures that all publishing projects are released with impeccable credentials