Statistical Power Analysis Help
Sample size can mean the difference between a highly-successful study and complete failure.

A power analysis is a statistical method that establishes whether your planned sample size is large enough for statistical relevancy. A properly-conducted power analysis can spell the difference between a highly-successful study and complete failure.

What is the right sample size for my study?

Among the most frequently-asked questions we receive is “What is the right sample size for my study?”

To find out the answer to this question, you would need to conduct an appropriate power analysis for your study.

Conducting a fully-appropriate statistical power analysis for your study is crucial to the academic relevancy of your study. However, actually carrying out a power analysis can be a very daunting and highly-complex task. So, referring to an expert consultant help save you loads of time and tuition money by making sure you conduct your study correctly the first time.

We provide many services to help you with your power analysis that include:

Fully ensuring the statistical relevancy of your study – No matter your type of study, we ensure your sample is statistically relevant by referring to your pilot study (if conducted) or to the parameters of the relevant literature in your field.
Helping conduct a priori or post hoc power analysis – We have over 20 years of experience in statistical analysis and we help you conduct all aspects of your power analysis, whether your analysis is a priori (beforehand) or post hoc (after your study is conducted).
Determining a suitable statistical test before doing your power analysis – A suitable statistical test for your power analysis must be done beforehand so we appropriately determine a suitable test along with other important factors such as appropriate effect size.
Helping to conduct pilot studies – Sometimes, a pilot study for your research may be appropriate to figure out exactly what sample size, along with other factors, your study needs. So, we also help you conduct an efficient yet fully-adequate pilot study for your research.
Conducting power analyses for highly-complex studies – Not only do we conduct power analyses for common studies and sample sizes, but we also carry out power analyses for highly-complex psychometric studies using structural equation modeling.
Complete Confidentiality

We know how vital confidentiality is to you and that is why we provide you with a non-disclosure agreement from the first time we meet. This way, your research will never be shared with any outside parties and all consultation between you and our staff is completely confidential.