My work with Datastat was very helpful. They answered all my statistical questions promptly and very thoroughly. They pointed out considerations in my project that made it more polished. All of their comments and support gave me the confidence I needed to finish my project and defend it successfully.
- M. C.
Datastat did an excellent job on editing my thesis. Thank you so much. I am expecting that my thesis will pass my committee and the school with no problem. Any student who works with you will be very lucky and will get everything they need. Thanks again.

- Ruth W.

I consulted Datastat on analysis of Conflicts in Mau Forest- Kenya. From the findings and interpretation, i can say that a clear picture was presented. It is No doubt that they are SMART
Thank you so much for your rapid review and comments. They were extremely helpful. I now ready to move on to chapter five–the summary/conclusions . I know you will guide me through this and I thank you again for so much support and guidance. Thanks to you I’m getting through this quickly! You are the BEST.

- Jane S.

Your help was invaluable. Thank you again for your excellent guidance.
- E.G.

Thank you Sammy. It was a long journey and the road was not always smooth but persistence paid off. Thank you for your well wishes and for all the assistance that you provided.

I will always keep in touch with you and I will definitely refer others who may be in need of your services.

- John

I am delighted to share my joy with you after a successful defense of proposal last year. I had a 50 minutes presentation and about half an hour question time. Accept my heartfelt thank for journeying with me this far. The committee was very satisfied in the way I presented and answered questions. As you had mentioned, many question focused on sample, procedures, instrumentation and stats. I handled all nicely. Thanks for your insights and encouragement . I wish to continue working with you.

Otieno S