Do you want to avoid the delays in the approval of your study? Then take advantage of editing services here at Datastat Consultancy. We have many years of consulting and our clients keep doubling year after year.

We offer offers PhD-level editing services for your dissertation. Above all, we work with you on a highly personal basis to provide fully-customized editing services.

Moreover, Datastat Consultancy specializes in helping you with all phases of the dissertation process and, no matter your needs, we will help make sure your dissertation is approved and exceeds all academic expectations.

You should consider taking advantage of all-inclusive editing services that include:

  • Comprehensive Editing– Your entire dissertation is thoroughly critiqued and edited for content, organization, structure, and grammar. We also ensure 100% accuracy and proofread your tables, figures, and graphs. Our goal is not just the approval of your study, but also the submission of a completely exceptional manuscript.
  • Full-Service Academic Editing- Our highly experienced staff will help you in editing everything from coursework submissions and class papers to proposals, concept papers, prospectuses, final dissertations, and more.
  • Reference Updating– Since many students attend school part-time and therefore work on their dissertation for over a year at a time, many references may become outdated. So, as a cautionary measure, we make sure each and every one of your references meet your school’s age requirements.
  • A Rigorous References/Citation Confirmation Process – We go through your references & citations one-by-one making sure they meet specific school & style requirements. We also scan for any missing references throughout your entire dissertation protecting your study from any suggestions of plagiarism
  • Preparation for Journal Publication– For academic students and graduates aiming for journal publication, we validate each & every requirement from the specific journal.
Specifically, how will APA and Academic Editing with us help you?
  • The academic editor will help you organize your ideas in a logical manner
  • Academic editors here serve as a second set of eyes – We view your article as your potential audience would. Hence, we will be able to easily identify any flaws in your document and bring them to your attention.
  • Your article is thoroughly edited – awkward/odd sentences are rephrased, grammar, punctuation, and typographical errors are corrected, and repetitive information is removed, ensuring your manuscript adheres to journal guidelines for formatting and referencing.
  • We will help you improve your own writing skills. As a result, we  provide examples of good academic writing, detailed corrections, and tips for avoiding commonly made mistakes
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