Datastat Consultancy offers you comprehensive help within the methodology section. Consequently, we provide you with a specialized Ph.D. consultant who will assist you with all phases of this section.

Here is an overall idea of what we can help you do:

  • Define your research variables
  • Form your research questions
  • Establish a testable hypothesis
  • Determine your overall data analysis strategy and specify the particular statistical methods appropriate for your analysis
  • Certify the reliability of your methodology’s underlying concepts
  • Implement a comprehensive power analysis to decide on the most appropriate sample size.
  • Finalize your methodology section by tackling revision requests and addressing any concerns from your committee
  • Provide ongoing guidance & consultation until the final approval of your section

We have two types of methodology:

  1. Qualitative Methodology

At Datastat Consultancy, we offer the most comprehensive dissertation consulting and drafting support for both beginning and experienced researchers completing qualitative research. We even support researchers completing mixed-methods studies, particularly in the medical field, drawing on our dual experience with statistical and qualitative research.

If you’re completing qualitative research, we can absolutely help you finalize your methodology chapter. We can even complete your analysis (using NVivo or any other qualitative analysis software) once you’ve completed your data collection. We’ll even remain with you for any revisions, to make sure you succeed.

2. Quantitative Methodology

Quantitative research, offers its own specific challenges when compared to qualitative methodologies. Right from operationalizing variables, selecting instruments for data collection, and planning for your statistical analysis.

Strengths of Quantitative Approach

In contrast to qualitative research, quantitative studies have predefined variables that determine the presence of relationships between and among those variables. In other words, they’re deductive, investigating “if” something already thought of is true. There are a couple of main strengths to a quantitative approach that we emphasize to our statistical consulting clients.

  • First, you can determine the statistical relationships between variables with its focus on perceptions and experiences of phenomena.
  • Second, numerical data are comparatively easy to analyze. As a result,this allows you to use large samples of randomly selected participants.

Are you stuck and don’t know how to choose your study’s methodology? Or would like a professional second opinion? Let our expert staff here at Datastat Consultancy help you impress your committee with truly exceptional work.

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